Create Your Basic Estate Plan and Share Your Legacy

From the moment you access your account for the first time, you will have all the tools you need to document your legacy and know it will be here when you’re gone.

Estate Planning Tools

Created By Actual Attorneys

Be confident that your plans meet your unique circumstances. Each document is created by attorneys so that you and your family will know where everything is when the time comes.

Create Your Will

This is all about what happens to your minor children and assets when you're gone.

Set Up Power of Attorney

Who can make legal choices or sign documents on your behalf if something happens to you?

Make Healthcare Directives

Important medical choices and preferences that matter to you in serious situations.

What should I do with my will documents?

Completed and executed documents are scanned directly into your LegacyShield vault. It’s as simple as emailing the signature pages to estateplans@

Can I make changes to my will after I finish it?

Yes, you can update your documents or draft new ones. When you make changes and upload them to LegacyShield, your advisor and anyone you’re sharing the document with can receive an alert if you choose.

Is there a limit to how long I can keep my documents in LegacyShield?

Your documents are stored indefinitely in our secure platform, so your loved ones always know where to access that information.

Why does my estate plan include power of attorney documents?

Power of attorney gives a family member the ability to make important decisions or sign documents on your behalf if you cannot do so. Including a power of attorney in your estate plan will alleviate the stress of your loved ones being helpless in any situation.

What happens if I die without a will?

Without a will, the courts decide on guardianship of minor children and the distribution of assets.

We Make It Easy

There’s not anything else like LegacyShield. You absolutely need a will or living trust, and we’ll give you the tools to make one yourself online in minutes.

Start With the Basics

You don’t have to know everything. We’ll ask you a series of simple questions and generate the documents for you. And we’re here if you need help!

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Important Choices

You Decide Who Gets What and When They Get It

LegacyShield’s platform guides you through the critical choices that you’ll have to make as you create your will. Who will become your children’s guardians? Where will your assets go? You can decide everything.

  • Choose how your assets get distributed to your family, children, grandchildren, charities, and so on.
  • You can create your medical package to choose things like medical power of attorney.
Secure Sharing & Storage

Your Documents in the Right Hands at the Right Time

You can use LegacyShield to store your essential life-planning documents online and use our unique delivery system to share those documents with your family when you choose. That could be right now, or it could be after your passing.

  • Once you have an estate plan, you need to make sure your family will have it once you’re gone.
  • Our unique platform will handle the delivery for you so that it’s automatically shared after your passing.
Sharlyn U.Nurse, Waveland M.I.

Patients end up in our E.R. all the time with a lot of special requests and no documentation! When we had a patient share her documents with us using LegacyShield, we were blown away. Now we recommend LegacyShield to all our patients.

Katelynn C.Daughter, Savannah G.A.

My mother created her will and used LegacyShield to share the files with me. I never would have known what to do when she passed, so I'm extremely thankful that she was able to create these documents for us.

Josh S.Grandfather, Lubbock TX

I thought my estate was too complicated for me to create a will without a lot of expensive attorneys. I was very happy that I could make all my important choices and create the documents myself using the estate planning tools in LegacyShield.

Suzanne B.Grandmother, Charleston S.C.

I never knew that I could split up my assets by percentage for my children and grandchildren! LegacyShield made it easy to split things up and I was impressed at all the options I had. Thanks!!!

Hannah B.Single Mother, Orlando FL

I don't have much, but I still needed a will so that the things I do have get to my daughter without anything getting in the way.