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Some of the best minds in insurance have dreamed up some incredible software to make the lives of insurance advisors and their clients better.

Incredible New Tools

Our tools revolutionize the advisor-client relationship. Insurance needs to be bought and sold online, and we're making it easy.

Buying insurance online
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We Feel Like Family

Our Company Values

Challenge Things

We believe in challenging the status quo. We embrace change and innovation.

Solve Problems

We believe problems are obstacles waiting for a solution. Through ingenuity and grit, we can overcome any challenges.

Respect & Empathy

We believe advisors help clients through their most challenging times. It's through mutual respect and empathy that we help advisors solve some of their most difficult challenges.

Have Fun

We’re a playful and fun team that won’t take ourselves too seriously. That said, we're serious about the product we deliver and helping advisors.

Our Family Protecting Yours

Each of us at LegacyShield, experts in our respective fields, share a singular mission: to protect every family with technology that preserves everything you’ve worked to achieve.

Everyone needs to plan successfully for their future. What you’ve earned and worked for needs to be documented and be accessible, and there aren’t adequate tools to keep all of those records together in one place.

Advisors need a digital workplace where they can collaborate and thrive with their clients. That’s what we’re making.

We’re people, so we know what people need. And we’re insurance people, so we know what advisors need. Our leaders have a combined century of experience in leading people to sound financial planning. And a century of experience with the challenges that come with it.

The relationship between the advisors and the people who need them could be a lot better, and we’re making it better every day.

We’re creating an online suite of tools that give advisors a place to store, share, and collaborate on everything that matters. We all need to be able to get our insurance online. We need to be able to store it online. It needs to be there for our families when we’re gone (and so do many other things). Think about your life stories and your family recipes. The tools that the LegacyShield team is making brings all of that together in one place.  Advisors, their clients can work together to ensure their well-being in the future.

A Problem Needed Solving

First-Hand Experiences Changed Everything

Beneficiaries had no knowledge policies existed for their benefit.

Our founders had enough of hearing about families that didn’t know they had life insurance benefits due to them.   The fundamental issue was that there is no good system, no database, or no tracking for people to track down or know about the planning their loved ones did on their behalf.

With a lack of systems and tools, advisors had no way to collaborate and “loop-in” family members about the plans their clients put in place to protect them.

LegacyShield’s platform was created to bridge that gap. We are bringing all of life’s most important information together in one place – connecting the financial professional to their clients- to make sure that nothing slips through the cracks. Now or when you’re gone.


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